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I have no more money now.. I need a paycheck by the end of July to pay my bills.. anyone know anywhere that is hiring?
I cant do anything that involves money now til i have a job :(

So no trips no lunches or dinners... The only way i do those is with Anthony taking me out he he
But at least I can do somethings that don't involve money like just hanging out.

It sucks though ..because I think people get upset with me because I cant do anything that involves money or go anywhere :/ I am normally almost always sitting at home now because i have no money and only see Anthony for like 2 days a week which is nice we just sit at my house watching movies because sometimes he only has enough gas money to come here and get home .. but i am fine with just watching movies, i don't need anything fancy or to go out to eat all the time. I always make my plans with Anthony a week before hand he he.

I like making plans sometimes . but it is nice doing things at the spur of the moment as long as i don't have plans, and I don't have plans a lot because everyone i know has a job and they are always working ... only plans i normally have are when Anthony comes up for the night so I know i get to see him because I don't really see him all that much. It is hard to do somethings when everyones has the same days off, or they are busy on their days off.

I never know what to do spend time alone with Anthony they little bit of the week i get to see him or watch some movies with him and the parents. They only issue i really have with doing stuff with friends is money :(

I would love to go to Canada with Sarah sometime but i need the money to go, it is not that Anthony is over because he always tells me to go do stuff with my friends he doesn't want my friends to dislike him or anything or think he is keeping me from them .. I just hate how I have to say no to somethings because I have no money. I wish people didn't need money to do things cause then I would be all set.

I want to be able to go out drinking with my friends that i did recently but I don't have the money to do it .. making dinner with Sarah and Kati is nice too and just going on little day trips is nice. But i cant even help out with gas so it just all around sucks not having a job right now.

I just want a job and to make everyone happy.. but I don't think that is every gonna happen. but i will continue to try he he
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