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A little bit of an update

Me and Anthony are doing good... going on 4 months the 6th of May.. doesnt seem like it has been that long... I get to see him for about 2 days at a time every week when he gets days off of work...I somehow find ways of getting mad at him --I am mean-- and he always says he is sorry even if it was me that did something wrong haha.......

This weekend I am headed to a Fashion Show with Sarah that she asked me to go to when her brother had just left.. It is being thrown by her brothers new gf I do believe.... I think it is being held somewhere near Rochester....I have never been to a fashion show .. this could be interesting .... I told Sarah I was gonna go and I am gonna go so she doesnt have to go alone, to see a girl I think she may have only meant once...

My sisters birthday is today like anyone needed to know that lol... My roommates birthday is next tuesday she is Gonna be 21!!! We will have a complete wet room up to that day it will have been a mosit room (cause I amthe only 21 year old in the room) I got her a Betta fish that is basically all red for her birthdya and put it in a traditional fish bowl you might say because she said she wanted one before hehe.... this way when she is here during the summer for classes she has a little friend to keep her company. Its name is Fuzzy Duck lol..... because she was gone when we got it and me and my friend Erika named it after the drinking game we were playing the night before... And Nicki liked the name so she kept it.

I dont know what else to update on .. except classes are almost done with for the semester and I still have three group projects that need to be worked on ....oh joy!
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